Smart Urban farming for a Better City


We produce high quality & ultra-local produce all-year-round, and are part of a movement that is changing the way we feed our cities. Our aim is to create the next generation of urban farms and future farmers for smart cities.


Our pilot project is an example of a first generation indoor vertical farm that utilises the technologies of hydroponics and controlled environment agriculture. With this system we are able to produce 100 kg of nutrient dense leafy greens every month without the use of pesticides and with minimal environmental impact.To date we have trialed over 50 crop varieties and sold our product to over 60 customers.

The Team

Dermot O’Regan

Founder & Managing Director

Dermot has an academic background in environmental science and over ten years’ professional experience in environmental policy and management. He was recognised as ‘Environmental Entrepreneur of the Year’ at the Bristol & Bath Environmental Awards 2016 and has overseen Grow Bristol being crowned ‘Best Local Grower’ at the Bristol Good Food Awards. 

Oscar Davidson

Operations Director

Oscar previously worked as an environment and sustainability consultant within the build environment. Oscar has 5 years’ experience in the vertical farming sector, including 2 years managing the UK’s first commercial scale vertical aquaponic urban farm. 



Sassy has been guarding urban agriculture facilities since she was 5 months old, you could say it’s all she’s ever known. If you don’t know the password – you’re not getting in.


“Too many farms go big too fast, in contrast, Grow Bristol began with a focused pilot farm to prove assumptions and develop key customer relationships from the ground up. This approach has fostered a strong long-lasting brand and high-quality standard operating procedures”

– Henry Gordon-Smith, Founder, Agritecture

“The Radish is banging”

– Ian Clark, Head Chef, Poco


Urban Agriculture Solutions

With over 10 years combined experience in urban agriculture, we like to think we know a thing or two. That’s not to say we haven’t had mistakes – in fact we’ve learnt the hard way on many occasion.

If you’re thinking about starting your own urban agriculture project, or looking to integrate an installation into your business or home then get in touch.

We can help choose the appropriate system design and help develop your operational toolkit, as well as connect you with our industry contacts.

Policy Advice

Urban food production and distribution is on the agenda of cities across the globe and likely to be one of the next fronteers in urban design as we move towards a more circular economy and the smart cities of the future.

As pioneers in the UK industry we have had first hand experience tackling the challenges and barriers to entry for urban agriculture projects.

We want to help make it easier for the urban farmers of the future to create thriving business and help contribute to a healthier city ecosystem. If you are a decision maker or policy maker we would love to talk.


Business & Press

Dermot O’Regan

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Oscar Davidson